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How Fullers Earth helps in Acne treatment and Acne Scar Removal

Acne is generally a skin disorder or condition that is mainly known to affect teenager .However; those are affected by acute acne conditions called acne pulvaris may have to bear the burden of acne infected skin throughout life. That does not mean that those infected with acne have to live their whole life with it. There are various kinds of Natural Acne Treatment, which are known to clear out acne prone skin successfully.

As we just mentioned, there are indeed various kinds of Natural Acne Treatment, which one can opt for. These treatments are known to be made with 100% natural ingredients that are known to have no side effect on human skin. The acne prone skin is known to benefit from these natural ingredients. There are various Acne Treatments, which are readily available like Neem Treatment, Fullers Earth Treatment and Turmeric Treatment. Each kind of treatment is known to have, its own set of pros and cons. However the best and most effective Natural Acne Treatment is the Fullers Earth treatment. Let us try and decode this for all.

What is meant by Fullers Earth ?

Ask your mother about fullers earth, and she would rave about the enormous kinds of benefits that she has derived from it. Firstly, fullers earth is not a new substance. It is a common or usual name for calcium mintmorillonite that has always been used for various kinds of beautification purposes. This is actually a sedimentary clay component that is only available from natural sources. Being naturally made, this clay is known to have high percentage of alumina, silica , water , magnesia , iron and oxides. All these components ensure that it is extremely beneficial in Acne Scar removal. The clay has a grayish color and needs to be mixed with a water based substance before application. It is important, as the clay on its own is an extremely drying  agent and may end up over drying the skin.

Now, that we have understood, what is meant by Fullers earth, the next question that comes  to mind is that how does it help us.

Fullers’ earth and Acne Scar removal

Fullers earth is known a one of the most natural and beneficial kinds of cleansing agent. It is known for its properties of deep cleansing the skin and getting rid of the impurities and dirt particles that clog our skin pores. Browse through any history book, and you will be surprised to find that even Cleopatra was known to swear by the various virtues of Fuller Earth. For centuries, people  are known to be using Fullers earth for Acne Scar Treatment. The clay needs to be mixed with water or rose water and applied on clear skin. On application, the components of the clay, is known to work on the skin and extract all hidden dust and dirt particles that are known to clog pores and make them break into acne. That’s not all, fullers earth is known to be an extremely drying agent, and on the other hand acne is known to break out on oily skin conditions. As a result application of this clay on an oily skin ensures that all excess oils in the skin are removed and the skin is purified from within.

Acne Scar Treatment:

We have already spoken about the various kinds of virtues that are associated with application of fullers earth and how one benefit from it. In regards to the Acne Scar Treatment, application of fullers earth helps in getting rid of stubborn white heads and black heads. It is also known to un clog dirt filled pores and replenish the moisture level in the skin. Moreover, the lime component in the clay is known to lighten the skin and nourish the external skin layer. This aids to get rid of mild blemish  and to take care of the sun tanned skin, dull and tired skin. In a way, it is known to nourish the skin and rejuvenate it from within.

The sulphur in the fullers clay is known to be extremely beneficial for Acne Scar Treatment. The idea is to mix the clay with one egg white and apply on the skin. Leave on the mask for say 20 minutes, and then remove it with milk or rose water. Ensure that both the application as well as the removal of the clay pack is done with gentle hands. Please do not rub your face as that will end up causing more harm than good.

Steps to Use Fullers Earth for Acne Treatment

If you are planning to opt for fullers earth Acne Treatment, at home, then please follow the following steps

Step 1: Mix one and a half spoon of fuller earth with any water component. Opt for rose water in summers as it will cool the skin and make it look fresher. You can also go for milk if you think that the clay pack might end up drying up your skin too much. Otherwise, you can also mix it with a seasonal fruit juice like orange juice, which will aid in removing the tan.

Step 2: Once, the mixture is ready add an egg white into the mixture. Thanks to the egg white the clay mixture gets the texture of a face mask. The egg white will help the clay to stick on to your face and also help the sulphur in the clay to remove black heads and unclog pores

Step 3: Let the clay mask dry out for about 20 minutes. Ensure, that you do not  leave it on for too long as it might end up drying your skin .Check once the mask starts to dry out and ensure that you remove it then.

Step 4: Remove the clay pack with extra care. Put rose water on cotton and gently remove the clay pack from the face. You can also wash your face with cold milk to replenish any lost moisture. Though that’s not too advisable for acne prone skin.

Using Fullers Earth helps in Acne treatment and Acne Scar Removal and helps you to discover a whole new skin.


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