Saturday, January 19, 2013

What are Whiteheads acne and what causes Whiteheads on face and especially on nose

A very common and unpleasant skin condition that hits Teenager, Adults and people of all ages is ACNE. There are different types of acne depending upon its Grade of infection and appearance. Whitehead acne is just one of them.

What is whitehead acne?

Whitehead acne is just another form of acne which is very common to people of every age, especially the teenagers. It is also known as closed comedone. They are pus filled raised bumps appears specially on the face and shoulder area.

How Whiteheads are formed?

Whiteheads are named after its white puss filled appearance. The reason behind the formation of whitehead acne are same sebaceous gland that produces excess oil and clogs the hair follicle. This sebum along with the dead cells and bacteria forms a plug harden up and gets trapped below the skin surface and gradually it starts appearing as tiny white spots on the skin surface. But even at this stage the pore is not open to get the plug in contact with air. Hence the head doesn't get darken and appears white under the skin surface. This is why they are known as Whitehead acne or closed comedone.

What are the areas affected by Whiteheads acne and why?

Skin types and conditions are different in different persons. So whitehead may appear at some location in one but at another location in another person. Whitehead generally hit the facial areas like forehead, nose and chin on the facial skin. But in some cases you may find them on other parts of the body also.

 Whitehead specially pop-up in the area of forehead due to wearing of hats or bands or other head-wear designs that may contain bacteria due to prolonged usages without washing them. Hair style may also contribute to itching or irritating of the pores that provoke the more sebum production and whitehead breakout.

Whereas the skin on the nose, cheek and chin area are very sensitive. The pores of these areas should be kept clean from sweat, dust and other dirt even you should keep yourself away from the habit of touching your face with your hands too often as our our hands may contain lots of bacteria due to get in touch with lots of substance.

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