Sunday, January 20, 2013

How Spicy food is related to Acne? Does it really cause Acne?

No proof has yet been found that Spicy food cause Acne or has any direct relation to the formation of acne.

But excess of spicy food consumption may be not in favor of your digestive system. It may cause inflammation sensation in the digestive track that may upset your digestive system which in turn contributes to the aggravation of acne condition.

Excess intake of spicy food also causes blood circulation to increase which increases blood flow towards your face and contributes to redness in appearance.

So, if you are suffering from Acne, you don't have to put a full stop on the consuming spicy food but take care that your skin condition is not normal and excess consumption of spicy food can contribute indirectly to worsen your acne condition.

It is also advisable that you should not ignore the acne you are suffering from. Acne can be controlled or cured if it will be taken care of since its early stage while your acne is in Grade 1 or Grade 2. You can treat acne at home with Clear Pores or other medications that are available over the counter.

A good knowledge about what you should eat and what you should avoid if you have acne prone skin will do a lot in leading acne free skin. Read How Good and Bad Diet Can Affect Your Acne Condition?

Learn more about the Types of ACNE and how to grade your acne condition and how to treat it at your home for complete cure.



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