Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Acne Prone Pores - Difference between normal and obstructed Follicles

You may be wondering what's the big deal that you are getting too much acne that spoiled your social and love life but your friend has got Acne clear skin !

Well the fact is that you are genetically destined to get acne whereas your friend is lucky enough to escape that. But you need not to disappoint at all. You too can control your acne with the Easy Acne clear treatment mentioned on this blog. But before that you should know what makes your skin Acne prone. What is the difference between the normal follicle and obstructed Acne prone follicle?

People with Acne prone skin have actual problems lies in their follicles. They don't behave as normal follicle, on the contrary they are malfunctioning. Acne prone skin are genetically destined to have larger and overactive sebaceous glands, which not only causes acne but are also responsible for oily skin.

Difference between Acne Prone Follicles and Normal Follicles :-

Normal Follicle -

The Normal follicles help keeping skin healthy and moisturized. The sebum, a mixture of fats, proteins, cholesterol and inorganic salts produced by the sebaceous glands combines with the dead cells being sloughed off inside the hair follicle to fill up the follicles. After the follicles get filled up, the sebum and dead cell mixture travels up the follicle and exits through the pore and spreads over the skin surface. On the skin surface it not only gives the oily appearance and moistened the skin but also forms a protective coating on our skin and prevents our skin from damages due to bacteria, viruses, winds, rains etc. Thus, the skin of people with normal follicles remains moistened and healthy.

image courtesy - primehealthchannel.com

Acne Prone Pores / Obstructed Follicle / Blocked Skin Pores

The activities inside Acne Prone pores or Abnormal Follicles are much different from those of normal follicles. The lining cells of Acne Prone pores become abnormally sticky, causes formation of clumps. Hence these sticky keratinocytes fails to shed off individually at a time. The clumps clog the pores and prevents the normal traveling of sebum and dead cells to the surface of the skin. These blocked material inside the follicle in an effort to get on the surface through occluded pores but can't cause white head acne / blackhead acne / pimples.

image courtesy - pharmacy2u.co.uk


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