Sunday, December 30, 2012

What are the causes of Acne formation or Why we got Acne?

Our skin consists of hair follicles all over the body except the region where we don't have body hair like the palm of the hands, foot soles and lips. These hair follicles along with sebaceous gland and a hair forms Pilosebacious unit. It is a disorder of this pilosebaceous unit that causes the acne formation on our skin.

Though the sebum produced by sebaceous glands are meant to keep the skin and hair healthy and moisturized but it is the same sebum that plays the main culprit role in the formation of acne.

But the question is -

What causes Acne formation? How sebum is responsible for acne?

During puberty or adolescence the levels of androgen hormone secretion within our body controls the activities of sebaceous glands. People with Acne has higher level of androgen hormone that promotes  enlarging of the sebaceous glands and triggers the excess production of sebum.

We human skin hosts a bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes Being a normal inhabitant of the skin this bacteria feed on sebum for their own growth and multiply themselves to build up the bacterial colony. These bacteria attract White Blood Cells to the follicle to kill them. The enzymes produced by White Blood Cells damages the follicle wall allowing the contents of the follicle to enter the dermis. This invasion process can be seen as inflammatory response in the skin and can be noticed as papules (red bumps), pustules and nodules. This inflammatory process is further increased by irritants or the fatty acids formed by those bacteria.


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