Monday, March 11, 2013

How To Get Rid Of Blackhead Acne?

Blackheads are the blackened mass with skin debris (oil and bacteria) covering the opening of a skin pore. It is the initial stage known that we know as acne, which can later on develop into a pimple. This condition is a skin imperfection that most of us cannot avoid. Though it is not a permanent condition and with routine skin care can be completely prevented. Blackheads are unsightly, embarrassing and most of the times uncomfortable.

Awkwardness, heartbreaks, hormone imbalance… all about blackheads.  You possibly hoped that these pubertal problems to go away with your teen years, but it didn’t and in fact it is still coming along.

How would you prefer to cure this Blackhead problem? Or How to get rid of Blackhead?

You have two options to choose from natural or taking various treatments. Read on, and find it out which blackhead curing treatment will be great on your skin in eliminating the problem.

Natural Blackhead Cure
Blackheads can be cured with a variety of natural remedies which are extremely effective.

  • Do A Honey Scrub: 
Mix 1 tsp. Honey, 4 tsp. Salt and juice of half lemon. Make a thick paste and scrub the mixture in circular movements on the affected area for five minutes and rinse with water. Do this regularly and you will see the difference.

  • Take A Steam Pat Down: 
Take a steam on the face, with the towel draped over your head so that the steam can sip in the skin. Do it for 10 minutes and use an exfoliation scrub that will remove the blackheads gently.

  • Epsom Salt: 
Mix equal proportion of Epsom salt, and iodine in warm water. Now soak a cotton ball and apply on the blackheads. You need to leave it for 5 minutes and can rinse or gently scrub the face with an exfoliating face scrub that will remove the blackheads loosened by Epsom salt.

  • Use Egg Whites To Pull The Gunk:

Thousands of people swear by this natural remedy. Spread the egg whites on the face. Begin with one layer and let it dry, then second one and in the similar way the third one. You will eventually feel the skin tightening, pulling a bit which is good. Now with a wet cloth scrub your face and rinse with water.

  • Use Clay:
You don’t have to spend huge bucks for a clay mask facial. This can be done at a reasonable price by buying fuller’s earth, French green, bentonite and Rhassoul from your local herb store. Add all the ingredients in equal portion, mixing it with a rose water.  Apply the paste and rinse when dry. You will see magnificent results.

  • Tomatoes Are Good For Skin: 
Not just eating tomatoes, but applying the puree on the face certainly avoids the re-occurrence of the blackheads.

Whichever natural remedy you choose to treat your acne problem requires patience and dedication. You need to do it regularly that gives you clean glorious, acne free skin.

  • Treatments to get rid of Blackhead acne

If you prefer to choose a dermatologist treatment over natural ones, there are many hormonal treatments as well as other medicinal cure available to treat blackheads. For this your dermatologist will run a few tests to see what the cause is, and then will write you a prescription.

Usually, the medications prescribed are topically applied i.e. Adapalene which is well-known topical cream for treating blackheads. Apart from this, there is Differin, Teva which are widely suggested. You are asked to clean your face with a cleanser that has Salicylic acid in it.

Another reason for occurrence of blackheads is extreme sun exposure on the skin. Use ultra-violet sunscreen that has more ratio of SPF.

A Bit Of Prevention

Never wash your face with harsh cleansers
Wear make-up only when necessary, or as little as possible
Try using astringent after washing your face that keeps oil at bay
Wash your face twice with natural face wash
Try not squeezing the acne; it will just worsen the skin
Blot the face with the tissue paper to soak up unnecessary oil from the face

Have Anything Been Missed? Well, don’t think so. There are other many natural and medical treatments available to cure blackheads, but the above ones are tried and tested and of course given results. Good-luck!! Welcome happy, acne free shiny skin.

Do you know that if you change your lifestyle there are changes that you will get rid of acne and get just smooth skin as you are always dreaming just within 7 to 10 weeks without use of any medicine.

OK, watch this video about a real case study of someone who has got acne free skin in a Holistic way of acne treatment without using any medicine. Click Here!



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