Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Lemon and Honey Face Mask for Acne Quick Relief

We all hate acne and its blemishes on our face as it degrades our social confidence. Most of the time we try out several acne removal creams or medicines. But either they work slowly based on the power of the acne cream or sometimes these creams helps reducing acne but at the cost of burning or charring that skin area. Then we start running after another cream or treatment to remove those blemishes.

But how would you feel if I say that we all have some very effective home remedies available at our home that not only helps reducing acne breakout but also helps removing acne blemishes, hydration and rejuvenating skin condition and provides your skin a radiant glow that everyone will start noticing and appreciating !

Use  Lemon and Honey Face Mask for acne skin treatment -

Use Lemon and Honey Face Mask for acne skin treatment - Yes, you have read it right. Lemon and honey mask is one of the popular home ingredient that is very effective in treating acne conditions including sensitive skin. Both lemon and honey has their own effectiveness in acne treatment, hence the "lemon honey" with duo power turns proves very effective in natural acne treatment. 

Lemon being a citrus food has alpha-hydroxy acid which is a good exfoliant and helps slacken of dead skin cells which is one of the main reason for acne breakout.

Honey on the other hand being an antiseptic produce unfavorable condition for multiplying of the bacteria Propionibacterium acnes inside the pores due to its high sugar concentration and acidic property and helps the situation from getting worst. Thus reduces the inflammation due to acne. The low-level of hydrogen peroxide released by honey acts as skin disinfectant and its natural humectant property helps rejuvenating the skin by locking the moisture inside and preventing the peeling and dryness of the skin. 

Hence lemon and honey mask is one of the best home-made remedy or natural acne treatment comprising the power of duo. It will not only prevents the growth of new acne but also accelerate the healing process of existing inflammatory acne. The mask has some special properties that helps controlling excess oil production and makes your skin soft, smooth and gives it a radiant glow with regular use. 

Preparation and direction of using lemon honey mask

Squeeze 1 half of lemon juice in a glass bowl add 1 tablespoon of honey in it and mix it properly to make it a homogeneous mixture like cough syrup. Before applying the mask, wash your face properly with mild soap or any acne medicated soap and water. 

Don't scrub or exfoliate any dry skin on the facial surface before applying the mask as the acidic property of the mask will gives you stinging or burning sensation. Just pat your face using any soft towel. But you need not to wait till your skin feels dry from inside. 

The best process is to apply the mask when your skin is still feeling hydrated from inside, so that the application spreads homogeneously all over the face. After application, leave the mask for at least 30 minute for best result. Now wash your face with lukewarm water and pat it dry with soft towel. 

Apply this mask regularly and you will notice the difference within few weeks. 

WARNING: if you're allergic to bees, don't try this.


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