Monday, November 25, 2013

Why Common Topical Acne Treatments Haven’t Worked for You?

Companies are spending tonnes of money in advertising various beauty creams, face wash and even acne cream for topical use to help you keep your skin clear, smooth and acne free. Most of your friends, neighbors and many others have grown out of their acne age and are enjoying their adulthood with clear and acne free skin. Some of them may have been facing occasional acne breakout but they quickly manage to get out of these emotional stress using medicated face wash, creams or over the counter available acne cream for topical use.

But why those common Topical Acne Treatments haven't worked for you?

Here is the answer. All the acne are not same. There are various types of acne depending upon the causes of acne.

There are many OTC (over the counter) acne cream available for treating periodic or moderate acne breakout. They act differently to prevent the breakout depending upon the ingredients main components of those creams. Lets check out the some of the components that are present in OTC acne creams.
  • Benzoyl peroxide - Helps killing acne bacteria and removing excess oil and dead cells that clogs the skin pores.
  • Salicylic acid - Some creams use Salicylic acid that helps slowing the process of shedding the cells that build up clog inside the hair follicles and cause acne..
  • Alpha hydroxy acids - Some OTC acne creams use Alpha hydroxy acids (synthetic version) that helps removing dead skin cells, reducing acne inflammation and stimulating new skin growth thus helps healing the acne scar.
  • Sulfur - Some OTC acne creams use sulfur as their main ingredient that helps removing dead skin cells and excess oils.
Now back to the answer why these acne creams are not working for you? Hope you have noticed that all these products are acting on superficial causes of reducing acne but they are not actually going to the cause of these acne causing factors. You have to understand that acne is just a manifestation that your skin is not healthy and there are deficiencies that should be eradicated from the root to get acne clear skin.

If the problem is occasional to moderate then these OCT acne creams will help suppressing them but if your skin is suffering serious problems like genetic or serious hormonal imbalance, then they will never work in your case.

 You have to try holistic approach to improve the condition from inside, eradicate the main cause of acne from the root. Maintaining acne diet is one of the main ingredient of holistic acne treatment.

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