Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Do egg causes acne?

If you are blessed with clean and acne clear skin then you need not to worry much about what you are eating until you are not going overboard. A healthy balanced diet, healthy life style including daily exercise, proper sleep will take care of your skin beauty. But those who are not blessed with such healthy and acne free skin should take care of what they are including in their daily dietary habit as Good and Bad Diet Can Affect Your Acne Condition?

Those who have acne always keep worrying about - "does egg or chicken diet plays any role in acne condition?"

Generally our body has the immune power to fight any bad health condition to some extent so trying egg or chicken recipe occasionally may not cause any harm to your acne condition but you should avoid inclusion of egg or chicken in your regular diet.

Eggs has saturated fats and cholesterol and high level of iodine that spikes insulin levels which in turn sends signals to oil-producing glands to produce more oil that invites bacteria and cause dead cells to clog up the pores causing inflammation.

The risk of aggravating acne condition is even more if you are consuming non-organic eggs from poultry.
The poultry are fed with hormones for meat production and treated with anti-biotic. Both have adverse effect on human body. Those external hormone triggers hormonal imbalances in human body and the antibiotic sometimes they disrupts the normal balance of bacteria in the intestine by killing the good ones. This imbalance of intestinal bacteria also plays a role in worsening acne condition.

Please note that there is no scientific evidence of linking the worsening condition of acne and egg. But the factors mentioned above has been proved true in various individual research. Human body react differently to different diet based on the immune power within their body.

So, the best way to check whether inclusion or removing the egg from your diet causes any change in your acne condition is keeping it away from your diet for 5 to 6 and notice the changes. Then start assimilating the same within your regular diet. If the condition starts degrading then you must keep egg away from your daily diet.

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